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About E.R.I.K.®

E.R.I.K. provides important information during emergencies in the home. The kit is ideal for seniors, people with chronic illnesses, those who live alone or who have caregivers, and others who have difficulty communicating. The It’s Safe to Ask Medication Card fits inside E.R.I.K.

E.R.I.K (Emergency Response Information Kit) is available from local Senior Resource Councils. Call 1-800-665-6565 to find out the phone number of the Senior Resource Council nearest you. Kits are also available from Fire and Paramedic Stations.

The E.R.I.K. kit was developed by paramedics and seniors resource coordinators, and is now maintained by Support Services to Seniors at the Dakota Community Centre.

TIPS for E.R.I.K. users:

• Keep E.R.I.K on your fridge

• Take your medication card with you to medical and dental appointments.

• Return it to E.R.I.K. when you get home.

• Take a copy of E.R.I.K. with you:

- when you travel.

- when you go to the hospital

In an emergency, paramedics will open the kit on your fridge and know:

• What medications you take

• If you have a Health Care Directive or Living Will

• If you have signed an Organ Donation Card

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