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Lifetime Achievement Award

2014 — Dr. John G. Wade

Patient Safety Champion Award

2019 Sarah Painter, Flight Nurse, Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service, and Heather Purvis and Barbara Kitzan, CancerCare Manitoba

2018 — Sandra Dalke, URIS Provincial Coordinator, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

2017 — Steve Geletchuk, Manager, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Program, Prairie Mountain Health

2016 — Gale Schultz, Regional Director for Medical Device Reprocessing, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

2015 — Monique Wickenco, Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Physiotherapist, Grace Hospital

2014 — Ms. Susan Lessard Friesen, Deputy Registrar, College of Pharmacists of Manitoba

Dr. John Wade Patient Safety Initiative Grant

2018 — Dr. Karine Levasseur & Dr. Fiona MacDonald, University of Manitoba: More than words? Assessing the impact of apology legislation in Canada; Dr. Elizabeth Rhynold, Prairie Mountain Health & Falls Prevention and Management Steering Committee: Sedative-Hypnotic Deprescribing in Prairie Mountain Health.

2017 — College of Pharmacists of Manitoba: Just/Safe Toolkit; Teresa Wright, Langruth Elementary School: Reinforcing Home Safety and Injury Prevention.

2016 — Pearl Buhler, HavenGroup: Mobility Clinic; Rachel Ganaden, WRHA: Enhancing Medication Safety in the WRHA Home Care Program.

2015 — Dianna Meseyton-Neufeld, Southern Health: The Great Slipper Swap – Foot & Fall Assessments; Lorri French, Emerson Franklin Municipality: Increase awareness & understanding of aging issue; Venetia Bourrier, Michele Fontaine and Carla Kruger, Cancer Care: A Checklist for Oral Chemotherapy.

2014 — Carol Dolynchuk, Vita & District Resource Council: Safety First; Maureen Keelan, A & O: Entry Program for Older Adult Immigrants Curriculum Development; Rrain Prior, Genie Barnaby, Viscount Cultural Centre for the Arts: Increase public awareness    about patient safety issues through live theatre

2013 — Jannell A. Plouffe, Patrick Griffith, Kathy Doerksen,

Kristen Valeri, Bonita Yarjau, Tanya Welch: Implementation

of a Large Scale Pressure Ulcer Prevention Plan

2012 — Nicole Harder, Terri Ashcroft, Cosette Taylor:

Nursing students role in patient safety: Communication

to empower patients

2011 — Brian Blakley: Drug Safety and Hearing Loss

Development of an Ototoxicity Compendium

2010 — Jesse Shantz, James Vernon, Greg Stranges,

Mike Goytan: Sutures versus Staples for Wound Closure

in Orthopedic Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial

2009 — Lori Mitchell, M. Nawal Lutfiyya, Michael Routledge:

A Review of Home Care Clients Visiting Emergency


2008 — Elaine Pelletier, Barb Freed, Marilyn Kilpatrick,

Rob Robson: Assessment of the Distribution of the Critical

Incident Learning Summaries (CILS)

2007 — Susan Lessard-Friesen, Kyle MacNair, Shawn

Bugden: Pharmacist Managed Community Falls Prevention Program for Older Adults

2006 — Diana McMillan, Wendy Fallis, Marie Edwards:

Night Shift Naps for Critical Care Nurses: An Exploration

of Patient and Nurse Safety Issues

Previous Awards

Research Recipients

2011 – Susan Morrow - “Quality Review of Critical Incident Reporting Process and Impact of CIRC Recommendations”

2008 – Cornelia van Ineveld- “Planning for Patient Safety: Exploring strategies to reduce a person’s risk of adverse events when transitioning between day hospital and community based care.”

2007 — Anne Matlow, Catherine M. Gerarda Cronin,

G. Ross Baker, Barbara Brady-Fryer, Mark Fleming,

Virginia Flintoft, MaryAnn Hiltz, Cheri Nijssen-Jordan,

Elaine Orrbine: The Canadian Paediatric Trigger Tool (CPTT):

A Validated Tool for Focused Review of Adverse Events

in Paediatric Care

2006 — Cornelia (Kristel) van Ineveld; Michelle Nelson,

Elizabeth Boustcha, Daryl Dyck, Laurie Thompson,

Linda Smyrski, Gina Trinidad, Alan Katz: Patient Safety

in Day Hospital Transition

2005 — David Gregory, Lorna Guse, Diana Davidson Dick,

Penny Davis, Cindy Russell: The Question of Safety:

An Exploration of Errors among Undergraduate Nursing

Students Placed on Clinical Learning Contracts

2005 — Liane Ginsburg, Deborah Tregunno, P.G. Norton,

D. Gilin, M. Fleming, W. Flemons: The Rhetoric and Reality

of Safety Culture Measurements

MIPS/CPSI Patient Safety Studentship Recipients

2009 — Mary Heard, Susan Wellings: Promoting Health

Literacy with Seniors

2008 — Justin Ling, Cenzina Caligiuri, Leslie Galloway:

Establishing a Medication Reconciliation Discharge Process

in a Pediatric Hospital (Children’s Hospital-Health Sciences


2007 — Elaine Burland: The Evaluation of a Fall Management

Program in a PCH Population

Seed Grant Recipients

2009 — Janis Wisher and Tamara Coombs: Playing with


2009 — Heather Dean, Carol Enns, Barb Goodwin,

Jessica Spence and Nadia Vecherya: Patient Safety Days:

Contextually-Based Learning in Inter-Professionalism and

Surgical Safety Checklists MIPS/CPSI Patient Safety

Studentship Recipients

Leading Us To Excellence Award Recipients

2007 — Guy Landry: Missing Cotter Rings on M.C.

HealthCare Hi Lo Electric Beds (QD8100L)

2006 — Diana Doyle-Zebrun: Modifying a Rapid Response

Team in a Community Hospital: Implementing the SOGH


2006 — Kristi Chorney: Good catch: Communication

of Test Results

2005 — Cenzina Caligiuri, Leslie Galloway, Orlando Padilla:

Please, Can You Give Me The Right Chemo in My Spinal?

2005 — Kathy Kelly: Culture of Safety: Patient Lifts and


2005 — Melanie Connors, Nadine Vickery: Catch Me

If You Can

Awards/Grants Recipients

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